This is a guest post by Terry Billups

For years I’ve had to schedule my busy life around my favorite TV shows if I wanted to catch them. That is, until now. Thanks to cable tv specials and my DVR, I no longer have to plan everything around my favorite series. I can just set the device and forget about it, knowing that everything will be ready to go, just as soon as I am.

This really helped me out a lot during the 6 long seasons of ABC’s hit show “LOST”. I work third shift, so every Thursday morning I would rush home and try my best to figure out the powers of this mysterious island, before eventually nodding off to sleep.

The interactions between these characters gave off such a realistic look. It felt as if I was actually there on the island, going through these hardships along side the castaways. However, one of the most unforgettable episodes of the show was the season 5 finale.

Jack believed that if he were able to detonate a hydrogen bomb as close as possible to the island’s magnetic pocket, he could somehow erase all of the horrible things that had happened to himself and the other passengers of Oceanic flight 815. He believed that by detonating this bomb, the hatch would never be built, therefore himself and the other passengers on flight 815 would have never crashed on the island. Everybody would land safely in LA, having no recollection of ever being on this mysterious island.