Persons Unknown

What to watch? What to watch? The summer has only just started, but it feels like the TV well has already dried up. Yeah, I know, the World Cup is on and suddenly everyone is a soccer fan. Well, I still would like to enjoy some normal non-sports related entertainment.

Sure, I’m going to give the new episode of Persons Unknown (10pm on NBC) a chance. The first episode was okay, a bit too slowly paced, but has a likable cast and I’m always down for a mystery.  Maybe tonight will have a bit more action.  I never quite got into Tim Roth’s Lie to Me (8pm on Fox), nor have I been compelled to check out the new cop dramedy The Good Guys (9pm on Fox), which stars Colin Hanks.

Sweet things to say to your girlfriend is not what you’ll learn from tonight’s new episode of The Bachelorette (8pm on ABC).  No matter how bad Bachelorette is, it is no where near as unwatchable as True Beauty (10pm on ABC). In terms of reality, the only show I can stand is Last Comic Standing (9pm on NBC), but even that gets repetitive and boring.

The CW has reruns of 90210 and Gossip Girl (8pm and 9pm), while CBS has reruns of How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, and CSI: Miami (8pm through 10pm).

Over on Cable; TNT has a new episode of Saving Grace (10pm), but I’ve never watched it in the past and I’m not going to start now, TBS has Neighbors from Hell (10pm), ah, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of that one,  ABC Family has a new episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager (8pm), and MTV has back to back new episodes of The Hard Times of RJ Berger and Warren the Ape (10pm and 10:30pm).

So, what am I going to watch tonight?

  • 8PM: 90210 (rerun)
  • 9PM: Last Comic Standing
  • 10PM: Persons Unknown

What will you be watching tonight?