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FOXTEL TV GuideI watch a lot of TV and I’m always interested in new websites that help me find out what is on, when it is on, and what to expect. Today I took a look at FOXTEL’s tv guide.

FOXTEL is Australia’s leading subscription television provider, and their tv guide is pretty great. The extensive guide showcases everything on television along with one click access to detailed information on every show that gets showcased on the main TV Guide page. You never have to click open a dozen pages or keep reloading the guide. The detailed information includes the show’s title, channel, runtime, rating, show premise, long episode synopsis, season and episode numbers, episode subtitle, genre, sub-genres, Country of production, year, and language. The full TV Guide is also available as an iPhone application.

In addition to FOXTEL’s tv guide, they have a lot more sections/options on their websites. FOXTEL allows subscribers to access 30 channels anywhere and to download content and take it on the go with them. They also offer ESPN360, which delivers international sports simulcast live online, along with exclusive content to online viewers. They also hold events, like Dora the Explorer Live, Nick Jr.’s Lah-Lah’s Adventure, and Giddy Up! The Seinfeld Marathon. Click on any of the links above to explore FOXTEL’s TV Guide.