This video from DigitalMaxz is beyond awesome. They compressed a 7 day trip from Los Angeles to New York City in a convertible into 4 minutes with timelapse. Words don’t even do it justice, just check it out below…

This next video, Vancouver City, includes a mix of timelapse footage shot in and around Vancouver. It was created by Youtube user TimeLapseHD. The footage is breathtaking. This video is polished and it simply looks cool and has an awesome feel to it.

Timelapse films and video is an art form all on its own. While it can include a narrative, it doesn’t really need one, nor should it be forced into the footage. You just need to find the right music to enhance the footage, while not distracting from its natural beauty.

Ever create your own timelapse video? Or do you have another awesome video? Share it with us! We want to see it, post it, and talk about it. Thanks!