Boondock Saints Comic Book

I’m not sure how, but I missed the two issue Boondock Saints spin-off comic series Boondock Saints: In Nomine Patris from the cult film’s writer/director Troy Duffy. Issue #2 came out last Wednesday. The two part story looked into the history of Noah McManus, aka Il Duce, who was portrayed by Billy Connolly in the film series.  What led Noah down the road to becoming Il Duce? What lead to his bloody rise?  In addition to the history lesson, you get to see the McManus boys n action as they infiltrate a chop-shop run by associates of Concezio Yakavetta. The issues were published by 12 Gauge Comics with art by J.B. Love.

In October, we’ll be getting volume two of “In Nomine Patris” in The Boondock Saints: The Head of the Snake.  Volume two explores what Connor and Murphy McManus were up to between the original film and the sequel.  Fan of The Boondock Saints? Read the first comic? Excited about more?