Chris Morgado over at Inside Pulse had this to say about last week’s RAW.

“But it’s pretty clear that [the] problem … is epidemic of the WWE booking mindset itself. Look at Evan Bourne, a young guy with John Cena apparently in his corner, who has had Chris Jericho put him over like a rock star, and instead of being made to look like he can hang with the main eventers, gets to eat an RKO after his most recent match. That sort of rug yank booking is just part of the backwards way they do things these days.”

To clue you in on the backstage stuff, the dirtsheets have all reported that John Cena went to the powers that be and told them they were wasting an amazing talent in Evan Bourne. Ring of Honor fans may remember Bourne as Matt Sydal. Sydal was huge in Ring of Honor. But Ring of Honor is not WWE. Still, Bourne has suddenly seen a lot more TV time and faced much more popular opponents. As mentioned above, he now owns a win over Chris Jericho in singles competition and he’s been on the winning side of tag matches as well.

Wrestler Evan Boone

Anyway, I disagree that it’s the RKO that was the problem with how Bourne was treated last week. While Evan Bourne is not getting a superstar push like Sheamus or Brock Lesnar in his day, he is now hanging with the upper midcard and the main event and being treated just like everybody else there. Yes Orton RKOed him. Orton would have done the same if it was Cena or HHH who had been his partner but was soon to be his opponent.

My problem with how Bourne was treated last week was that he wasn’t given one second of microphone time. He’s got to get experience on the mic sometime if that’s his weakness. We can let NXT rookies talk for 30 seconds about mustaches but a guy we’re supposed to buy as credible never gets to speak?

Wade Barrett, who can speak and wrestle ok, is getting way more over than Bourne who is an exceptional wrestler. This is sports entertainment after all. If WWE wants us to believe in Bourne they are either going to have to let him learn to talk on the job or, here’s an old school thought, give him a manager! Who says faces can’t have managers? Find a Diva who can talk if need be. Just don’t treat Bourne like he’s not good enough to speak on camera.