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I love movies and even when I’m home I try to get the full movie going experience. To do that, you need an awesome Home Theatre System!  To get that you need to get all of the right pieces, which can sometimes be daunting and while a lot of places offer each of the pieces you’ll need individually, it is better to get them all from the same central place from people that know what they are doing.

Enter ShopWiki UK, an online shopping website that has put together a full Home Theatre guide to give you all of the options available to you in terms of televisions, players, and audio systems, along with just what you need to get going.

Finding the right Blu-Ray Player is very important, you want one that fits well with the television and can get updates via online. Blu-Rays are very different than DVDs and are very touchy. In terms of televisions, do you want a Plasma Television or an LCD? With audio systems, do you want surround sound (I hope so), but what are the different kinds of speakers? What works best for your space? You need to look into these different factors before buying your home theatre system, and thankfully ShopWiki UK offers a handy guide.