Thanks to Danny Mays.

“Wipeout” has become one of the most popular game shows on television today. This game show is not like a traditional game show, yet it has risen to immense popularity. It has become almost as iconic as shows like “The Price Is Right,” “Jeopardy,” and “Family Feud,” except it is much more action packed.

The show Wipeout is incredible because it shows how people overcome very difficult obstacle courses. These obstacle courses often feature mud slides and soapy stairs that are difficult to climb, in order to reach the end. It is almost ridiculous to see the types of obstacles that people must go through in order to reach the end point. As people make their way through these difficult and very physical courses, they often fall or slip throughout the course. It almost looks like people are risking their lives, just to make it through the obstacle course. One also wonders how people do not get injured while making it through a “Wipeout” course. Part of the appeal of this program is simply wondering how people make it out of the obstacle courses alive! It is thrilling to watch this program with friends or family.

The show “Wipeout” is one of the most hilarious game shows on satelite tv. It adds more punch and excitement to the typical “game show” format. For a refreshing new take on game shows, “Wipeout” is a great change of pace.