GI Joe Preview

IDW Publishing presents an all new issue of G.I. Joe. In the new issue, Scarlett and a team of Fobbits make a jump to a tropical island that is a Cobra base.   They are lead by none other than classic Joe member Ripcord.  Will they be able to defeat Cobra and take over the island or will the evil organization do everything in its power to keep it in their hands. Elsewhere, Shipwreck and his crew heads into action against the Dreadnaught, aka Cobra’s gigantic submarinecruiser.

From the art above, it looks like the new G.I. Joe series is taking some influence from last summer’s movie adaptation.  I don’t think that is a bad thing per say, I’m actually one of the people who enjoyed the Stephen Sommers film. I think it was entertaining and fun, what more can you ask for from a summer popcorn flick?  In the film version, Marlon Wayans portrayed Ripcord (looks similar to the pic also) and Rachel Nichols was Scarlett. The film version also had them get together romantically. Will the comic follow suit?

G.I. Joe #20
Official Description: Ripcord joins the series as he leads Scarlett and a team of Fobbits on a jump to a faraway tropical island. But it’s no day at the beach because Cobra owns this little slice of paradise and means to keep it. Also, Shipwreck and his crew of pirates in action against the Dreadnaught; Cobra;s gigantic submarine-cruiser. It’s a perfect storm of action and suspense!

The issue comes out on July 8th. Have you been following the past 20 issues? Are you excited to see Ripcord at last? Did you enjoy the movie like I did?