Okay, so my mind has just been blown. Satellite Internet service? I just stumbled upon this and I’m semi shocked that it both exists and that I didn’t know about it until now. Using Satellites you can now get faster Internet pretty much anywhere, and not get stuck with dial up, or even worse, no Internet.

For satellite Internet all that you’ll need is a 26″ satellite mini-dish on your roof and a small modem by your computer. That’s it. The speed you’ll get is as much as 30 times faster than dial-up! Living or working in a rural area does not have to slow you down anymore.

Now, you can live in a cabin in the woods surrounded by forest and the woods and get away from civilization and still stay connected. I’ve been planning a couple month getaway for a while. It would be a dream to get away with my fiancé and my laptop and not have the everyday worries of working and paying bills. I’d be able to clear my head and just focus on my writing for a chance. Maybe that would help me get out of this writer’s block I’ve had for years.

If you had a chance to get away from the world and write, would you? And what would you write?