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Shepard Fairey

I don’t have any Shepard Fairey artwork.  My office is currently wall to wall movie posters. To my left I have a signed Watchmen movie poster from Comic Con, next to it is 3:10 to Yuma, and on the opposite side is The Wizard and Superman. For a long time I’ve been thinking of changing things around a bit.

For my work space, I really need something that will inspire me.  Shepard Fairey prints just might do the trick. Pictured above, the artwork is striking and beautiful.  The art has strong messages and really push them through with such bold designs.

The website linked above lets you scroll through the many designs of Shepard Fairey and buy prints online (with free shipping).  You can find very popular pieces, including the famed Obama Be the Change portrait, the Spider Lily, Love Unites, and Uganda Blanket, along with prints of Smokey Robinson and Michael Jordan, among others.

What is your office like? Do you have movie posters or art hanging around it? Would Shepard Fairey art help spice up the room and inspire you?