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Smungle Virtual Dating

Since I began My Hollywood Dream I’ve been able to check out a lot of different websites that I would have never been introduced to otherwise. The latest site I was able to check out and share with you is, which offers online dating with a twist. And what a twist it is.

The website lets you experience virtual dating. In a way to get comfortable and to know someone better before you opt to meet or talk to them in real life, Smingle lets you go on virtual dates with other singles.

You start the process by creating a 3D avatar (a representation of you). The avatars respond naturally to typed text to make the date feel more real. For example, if you type LOL, the avatar actually laughs. You press the smile button and they smile. You can fully customize the skin, hair, and age of your avatar to make it look like you, and choose what they wear and the accessories they have. The interface has a typical IM chat along with the avatars. It is easy to use. If you are shy, you can let the avatar express what you feel by having them blow a kiss to your date, or touch their hand. You have the option of listening to music and playings conversation-provoking games that let you not have to worry about what to say or having awkward silences.

Is this the future of dating? Try it for yourself and find out!

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