Posting compliments of Carrie Stuarts.

When I sat down to watch The Informant  I don’t think I really knew what I was in store for. I had heard the movie was funny and well written and well executed by Matt Damon wearing a hairpiece and an ugly mustache. I don’t think I was prepared for quite the roller coaster ride I ended up going on.

At first you simply feel sorry for Damon’s character. He seems to be a slightly strange middle aged guy who got himself into a situation he can’t get himself out of and doesn’t understand what he’s done. As the story progresses and more of his escapades come to light, and you realize everything he did was carefully planned and carried out you feel a sense of foreboding. When the final crimes finally come to light as the movie comes to an end, a sense of awe creeped over me. Perhaps it is because this is based on a true story, but it just seemed bizarre to me that this little man was such a master criminal. A master criminal who as a side note helped bring down a company.

There are numerous comedians taking a serious role and perhaps that is what adds to the offbeat feel of the movie. None other than both the Smothers Brothers take turns appearing in a great comedy that makes you laugh, and makes your jaw drop as well.