Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer.

The kids have been excited to see the film Toy Story 3 ever since we heard news that it was in production. As soon as the movie previews started to appear between watching cartoon episodes the kids started begging to go. They didn’t fully understand what it meant when I said the movie wasn’t in theaters yet but they didn’t stop asking. I agreed to take them to the first Monday matinee after it came out. I figured the Monday showing wouldn’t have as many people and matinees are a great way to save a few dollars.

I’m big into planning ahead so I bought the tickets for the 3D showing via my Clear broadband and internet bundle. I didn’t think we’d have trouble getting in but I’m not a fan of lines no matter show short. When we got to the theater I was shocked. I must have not been the only one who thought it would be a great idea to take the kids to the matinee. We had to park on the street and walk to the theater. Luckily we bought tickets ahead of time because the 3D showing was the first to sell out. The kids absolutely loved the film and won’t take their 3D glasses off unless they go to sleep. We all loved it.