New TNT Show

Tonight, the summer season of television continues with an all new crime drama from TNT, Rizzoli & Isles.  The show airs at 10pm after Kyra Sedgwick’s The Closer. It stars Angie Harmon and Shasha Alexander as a pair of “gal-pal” crimefighters in Boston.  Harmon is detective Jane Rizzoli and Alexander is medical examiner Maura Isles. In tonight’s premiere episode, the team investigates the grim slaying of a wealthy couple, which appears to by the work of a copycat killer.  The series co-stars Bruce McGill, Lee Thompson Young, Jordan Bridges, and Lorraine Bracco. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to Bracco being back on TV, for a while she was the best part of The Sopranos.

Before Isles, we have the season 6 opener for The Closer.  Tonight’s show “opens with the shooting death of a man. Among the messy complications hindering Brenda’s investigation: an affair involving the victim, a missing murder weapon and the squad’s difficult move to their new high-tech headquarters.” I’ve never watched the crime series, but with nothing else on, maybe I’ll check it out.

Otherwise, ABC has a new The Bachelorette at 8pm, which lasts for two hours (…I think that would make me throw up…), and is followed by True Beauty (…even worse!). Fox has Lie to Me at 8pm followed by The Good Guys, NBC has moved Persons Unknown (thanks for letting us know guys) which leaves us with Last Comic Standing at 9pm followed by Dateline NBC, and over on Cable we have a night of new programming on ABC Family with The Secret Life of the American Teenager at 8pm followed by Huge at 9pm, A&E has Intervention at 8pm followed by Obsessed at 9pm, and finally, USA Network brings us a new WWE Monday Night Raw starting at 9pm. Don’t forget to come back later in the week for a Raw recap from our new columnist and wrestling fan Lucian.