Cool Vacations

The summer is finally here and it is time for a vacation! (okay, not for me, but I’m sure for plenty of you it is) What is your ideal vacation? A trip to a tropical resort? A week long cruise? How about something as simple as a Day Spa Relaxation Massage or a Pool and Hot Tub Party? How about driving cross county to “Wally World”?

Whereever you decide to go or whatever you decide to do for your summer vacation, just remember some of the things that the Griswold family has taught us throughout the years. First up, if you are going to drive hundreds of miles to the happiest (and most fun) amusement park in the world, always call ahead or check their schedule to make sure that they will be open at your time of arrival. Nothing is worse than getting there and having to break into to enjoy your time off. While we are on the subject of amusement parks, never (and I mean never) drive cross-country to get to one. Instead you’ll need the time you wasted on that drive to wait on the incredibly long lines that the summer brings to the parks. A flight might take you 4 or 5 hours, but that drive is going to take at least a week. And who has that much time to waste out of their precious vacation? Trust me, the world’s largest ball of twine isn’t that special, I’ve seen it.

So, what is your ideal summer vacation? And how would you get there?