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ampm secret menuI love (love!) food and it is no surprise that when I got a chance to taken a look at the ampm secret menu tab over at Facebook, I jumped for it! These secret menu items are a sight to behold.

For example, look to my left. This masterpiece is the Towering Inferno, which includes three burgers, spicy cheetos, chili, nacho cheese, and (oh yeah) jalapeños. To create this burger, you have to start by gathering the ingredients. Next you have to take the first burger, and top it with nacho cheese, jalapeños, and those spicy cheetos. Next up is a second burger along with chili. And finally, add the third burger, and on top of that is another layer of nacho cheese, jalapeños, and spicy cheetos. You don’t just need a few extra napkins with this megaburger, you’ll need a whole pack of napkins.

Other cool secret menu items include the Hot Chihuahua, which is a hotdog with nacho cheese, and jalapeños, and the Chili Conquistador, which is a burger with chili and spicy funyuns. In my mind, neither is as cool as the Towering Inferno, which is my favorite item on the secret menu. This is mostly because its mix of spicy flavors and this triple burger will make you full for a week.

ampm will be revealing more secret menu items on 7/26, 8/2, 8/9, 8/16, and 8/30, and after 8/2 you can create your own secret menu concoctions on ampm’s Facebook page (linked above). What is your favorite secret menu item so far? Sound off below!

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