Lucians Wrestling Recap

Welcome to another week in wrestling. As usual we have some of the basics from the three WWE shows available in Canada (not counting Vintage Collection) and some thoughts on TNA. We kick off with Monday’s RAW.

Raw opens with Nexus, Wade Barrett is back thankfully. The GM rules no Nexus members can compete for titles for three months. And the no touching rule is over. Seven WWE faces led by Cena come out to take down Nexus. But before they can get to Nexus a gang of seven heels led by Sheamus attack the faces. Nexus bails. So much for the united front.

Is the GM Stone Cold Steve Austin? They want you to think so.

Tonight, they’re pushing the 8-man Money in the Bank match hard. The Miz hurts R-Truth. So badly, in fact, he is pulled from the Money in the Bank match. Edge hosts his talk show, “The Cutting Edge”, with Chris Jericho and Evan Bourne. But Bourne doesn’t get to speak. It ends up with Edge and Jericho being forced to team to face Bourne and Orton. That ends up being the match of the night and continues to cement Evan Bourne as a real player on RAW.

Kosolv and Santino finally team up on a trial basis. But William Regal has wrangled The Great Khali, still with his brother, to be his partner. Khali never even gets in the match as Koslov takes down Regal. So Khali takes revenge on Regal as well.

Lawler gets in one of the better lines I’ve heard from him in a while about the Nexus’ attack on the Legends; “Blowing out somebody else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.” And Arn Anderson gets screen time. That’s always good.

Scary fact, the show ends with talking so the actual main event match is a Diva’s title match between Alicia Fox and Eve Torres. Alicia wins after a feigned injury.

We end the show with John Cena being ordered to meet Wade Barrett in the ring and shake hands. But no, Cena is having too much fun to stop now. The brawl that follows lasts until enough regular faces come out to tip the odds in their favor. Nexus runs, they leave Darren Young behind which should tell you they think as little of him as I do. The GM still wants peace. Cena locks an STF on Young. Just don’t use a tie. But Cena gets punished with a 7 on 1 handicap next week. But he beats down Young long after the match is supposed to be over. This show ran over 2 hours and 15 minutes. If I hadn’t stayed up to watch the end live I would have missed it.

On NXT they repeat their bizarre microphone contest where they give the seven remaining rookies random words to talk about for 30 seconds. “Showtime” Percy Watson wins this one. No elimination, this week is just a pretty standard show.

As for Smackdown, Drew McIntyre is also back, just in time to be humiliated by GM Teddy Long. But it earns him a match against Kofi Kingston and he must win to earn a spot in Money in the Bank. The other spot is one the line in a Triple Threat between Chavo Guererro, Dolph Ziggler and MVP. Chavo and Dolph team up for most of the match, at the instruction of Vickie Guererro, but Chavo eventually goes into business for himself. That doesn’t stop Dolph Ziggler from winning and I totally called it last week.

Rey Mysterio is in an ankle cast. Swagger attacks and really savagely targets the ankle. This seems strong for PG even. But Swagger is looking intimidating and it takes the arrival of Big Show to save Rey.

The McIntyre/Kingston match turns out to be pretty decent and gets a fair amount of time. It’s suitable for the 9:00 hour when the show is trying to hold current viewers and draw in new ones. McIntyre gets the win, which makes me two for two in predicting the last entrants in the Smackdown MitB match. That said, no clue who replaces R-Truth on RAW. I predict it will be someone I like better.

To keep CM Punk a player despite being injured we have strife in the Straight Edge Society. Both Serena and Gallows have improved on the microphone since they joined Punk. The main event pits Big Show versus Jack Swagger. I predict Show will tap to the ankle lock. But, surprise, surprise, it’s a double countout and Swagger finds himself attracting the attention of Kane. Swagger promises to supply an alibi for the attack on The Undertaker next week.

So with just over a week left until the Money in the Bank Pay Per View we get solid performances from the main shows while NXT has never been what it could have.

TNA has a PPV this weekend. Highlights include a Fatal Fourway between champion Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson and Abyss. Also Doug Williams defends the X division title against Brian Kendrick in a match with two ways to win: submission or Ultimate X rules. AJ Styles and Kazarian must put their difference aside to face a mystery team selected by Ric Flair. The Jay Lethal/Ric Flair match could be interesting. Kurt Angle faces The Pope D’Angelo Dinero in a rankings match and, for tag team fans, The Motor City Machine Guns face Beer Money. As usual, I won’t be paying to watch it.