Wrestling Recap WWE

On RAW we can expect the fallout from last week’s beatdown on Mr. McMahon by the new Nexus faction. Apparently, Wade Barrett has been called to HQ to defend himself. You beat up your boss and you get a chance to defend yourself? Only in the WWE. The rest of Nexus are there but if they touch a WWE superstar they are fired. Yet, if a WWE Superstar touches them they are suspended.

Sheamus is carving an interesting niche where he acts remorseful or responsible than pulls a “just kidding”. Cena and Sheamus will fight again at Money in the Bank inside a steel cage. Michael Cole is still acting as the mouthpiece for the new GM and he’s acting so full of himself about it you could think it might actually be him.

Santino gets a match against Koslov and if he wins Koslov becomes his tag partner. But he loses, making me wonder how long they are going to draw this out. When William Regal tries to beat down Santino, Koslov lays him out and carries Santino to the back.

The Great Khali’s little brother seems to be mad at him. Guest host Rob Zombie comes out to announce the eight men in the RAW Money in the Bank ladder match: Randy Orton, The Miz, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, Evan Bourne, Ted Dibiase, John Morrison and Edge. Zombie and Edge are still mad at each other over Edge dropping Zombie’s music as his entrance theme. Both claim to have dumped the other when Edge appears on video screen. And Zombie leaves and that’s all he was here for. I’m all for downplaying the guest hosts but that just felt like a waste. A nice nostalgia video from Edge’s first MitB ladder win reminds us of Lita, Shelton Benjamin and pre-TNA Christian. And the main event is an 8-man tag between these guys.

Sheamus faces Mark Henry. Why do people still care about Mark Henry? He long ago proved he wasn’t worth it. Did you think Henry had a chance? Then you don’t know how this works.

The Nexus guys beat up a sound guy to show they can exploit loopholes. That leads to plugging Ricky Steamboat’s new DVD; they haul out Lawler, Michael “Freebird” Hayes, IRS (who comes out in normal clothes and is introduced as Mike Rotunda but still makes a tax joke), Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko. This all leads into Nexus beating them all down since they are technically WWE Legends not WWE Superstars and thus fair game.

Now word is Wade Barrett, as well as Drew McIntyre, are having real life Visa problems. Which leaves Nexus in a real mess. There’s nobody left in the group who can wrestle a decent match. That’s why Daniel Bryan was so important and why we need to keep fighting to get him back.

On NXT they have the keg carry challenge again. It’s even worse than first season. Kaval ends up in first place, Titus O’Neil goes home. He was the best choice to go so I’m fine with this.

Smackdown has Jack Swagger seeming more and more like Kurt Angle every day, join forces with Cody Rhodes to take out Big Show only to be driven off by Rey Mysterio. CM Punk is injured, out of action for a month or two, but they’re using him on camera for now. They have to resolve this Kane issue. And it looks like the Straight Edge Society were really behind the Undertaker beating. But it’s all a swerve and Kane must now find a new person to blame.

Kane, Matt Hardy, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, Christian, Kofi Kingston and Big Show (!) are named as the first six competitors in Smackdown’s Money in the Bank match. I’m sure Dolph Ziggler will find his way into the match and perhaps Drew McIntyre if his Visa is sorted out by then. Speaking of Dolph he has a non-title match against Kofi Kingston but if he wins Vickie promises him a title shot. The problem is he loses.

Christian holds a MitB themed Peep show with Matt Hardy as his guest. I like Matt Hardy and I wish he was better on the microphone, or had a better look, or a more naturally athletic physique. He doesn’t and he’s never going to the top of the card in WWE.

The main event is Mysterio and Big Show (or Biggie Smallz) versus Jack Swagger and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. The end is boring as Swagger again refuses to break the ankle lock, this time on Mysterio, and gets disqualified but manages to inflict some damage anyway.

A few TNA notes this week. The Abyss heel turn is progressing all right but this whole “they are coming” thing needs to pay off big and soon. I can live with the ex-ECW contingent being them but I suspect there’s more to it than that. Jeff Hardy is a more than credible main eventer in TNA. But will he stick around if he manages to avoid jail time or will he high tail it back up north to WWE? I’m not as sold on “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. Hopefully he and Kurt Angle can have a decent match at Victory Road. But TNA remains an also ran and an afterthought in professional wrestling no matter how hard Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff wish they were making a difference.

Overall, nothing really special this week. With both Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan out of the Nexus storyline we’re left with a bunch of sup-par wrestling talent getting way too much TV time. And why has Kane never suspected Nexus of attacking The Undertaker? Kane has a history with them having once faced all eight of them in a handicap match. Why should their antics be restricted to RAW?