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Red RopeOkay, so you have a finished short or feature film. What do you do now? Throw a premiere! Even if you didn’t have a million dollars to make your movie, you’ll need to treat the premiere as if you did. Go to your local theater, beg a local bar or club, and ask friends if they know of a place you can use as a venue to have a party, show the film, and make contacts (and maybe even sell the film).

Once you have the location, you have to treat this like a Hollywood premiere. Bring out the red carpet and velvet rope. Break the lines into a general crowd entry and another a VIP entrance. Have a display for people going through the VIP line to take pictures, give press entry through he VIP line, have areas where they can take pictures of actors and talk with them. Crowd control is important here, you need to keep order and have the right people in the right places to get your film the right notice.

In terms of press, invite all types of journalists, including big publications who you don’t think will come and bloggers who might be more likely to show up. For a small film, these people are the best way to get strangers to talk about your film and pump up the word of mouth. This could lead to getting your film seen in bigger festivals and maybe even distribution.

Just don’t forget to go all out with your premiere, make the even seem bigger than it is, even if it means having stanchions and barricades to control the crowd. If people think it is a big premiere, they maybe gather around and take pictures while they wait for “stars” to appear. Use your location to make your film stand out.