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Costuming for Indies
With September starting that means that we are not far from Halloween and as an independent filmmaker, you should get ready to take advantage of the holiday season to score costumes for future productions.  The best time to hit stores is the day after Halloween, when stores and online retailers like Costume Kingdom are having specials and clearance sales of all the costumes that did not sell. Everything is useful, even if they only have Superhero and Ladybug Costumes, you never know when you can turn them into a cool outfit or if it might be suited for a period piece.  Heck, you can even use them to make a fan film short to get some notice.

One of my buddies took those cheesy plastic superhero masks from the 80s and crafted it into a very creative comedy short.  In addition to costumes, after Halloween sales usually include lots of blood and make up.  Just stock up on these, because you never know when it might come in handy, whether you are shooting a gory monster flick, a crime thriller or a classic film noir, or even a zany comedy about a clown who runs amok in the city.  You might not see a use for a costume or prop when you get it, but you never know what it might inspire. Look around and imagine the possibilities.

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TV Flipped Column with PJ Flip

Dancing With the Stars
The upcoming cast for the 11th season of Dancing With the Stars has been posted! The girls are Bristol Palin (daughter of Sarah Palin), Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing), Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch), Margaret Cho (Drop Dead Diva), Audrina Patridge (The Hills), and Brandy (Pop Singer). While on the guys side is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino (Jersey Shore), David Hasselhoff (Baywatch), Kyle Massey (That’s So Raven), Rick Fox (Basketball Player), Kurt Warner (Football Player), and Michael Bolton (Singer). Excited about the new season?

Modern Family
If you missed last nights 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards, they put together a very funny clip of how they could make the show better in its second season. You can check it out here. Official description: “Modern Family Gone Mad: Messing with Modern Family’s Emmy-winning formula is a dangerous–and comical–idea.

TV Previews
141 TV has been spotlighting previews for the upcoming fall season.

More TV Previews will be posted over the next week…

We have talked a lot in the past at how important your web presence is for the promotion of not only your film, but yourself. To recap a few points:

Not only do you need profiles on all of the popular social networking and video hosting sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Myspace, but you also need your own personal (resume) website and websites for each of your projects.

Domain Name
When building your website, you need to choose a really good (and easy to remember) domain name for your url. Don’t choose something confusing or with hard to spell words. Make it to the point and related to your project.

Don’t forget just how important webhosting is. You need a good webhost, who is reliable, dependable and has 24-7 customer service. Nothing is worse than having your sites unavailable when something happens and surges of people head to your website. Don’t just choose anyone, research the best suited webhost for you.

Don’t let your websites look amateurish. Take your time with the design and ask a lot of people their opinion about it. You want something that looks good and is easy to navigate. Think hard about your project and how to make this website a good representation for the project.

Do you have a personal or film project website? I’d love to check it out. Post it in the comments of this article! Thanks!

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the pit 2 logo

As you can see, our short vacation has ended and we are fully back into the swing of things.  Big thanks to Lucian for continuing his Wrestling Recaps while I have been gone.  I have not been able to check out Scott Pilgrim vs. the World yet, but I’ve wanted to see it for a while and Lucian’s review only makes me want to see it more. Anyhow, I’m happy to be back with a new Pit and this week’s edition will have a slight superhero slant (sorry, but sooooo much has been going on while I’ve been out).

  • Okay, first up is the confirmation that X-Men: First Class will feature the Hellfire Club. That’s right, it is confirmed that Kevin Bacon will be the villainous Sebastian Shaw with Mad Men‘s January Jones will be Emma Frost, aka the White Queen. How does this fit into the past films with Emma being featured by Tahyna Tozzi in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? The film will start in the 1960s with James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender’s Magneto working together for the future of mutant kind.  I hate that they’ve cast a younger Mystique… she’s a shape shifter, she can look as young as she wants forever. They should have kept Rebecca Romijn if we ever see an of age Mystique. At least it would feel a little connected to the other films. We shall see…
  • Okay, lets move off one X-Men prequel and onto another one: X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 (god, I hope that isn’t going to be the official title).  It has been rumored for a while that the film would take Wolverine to Japan where he’d train to be a samurai warrior and fight the likes of Silver Samurai.  Yeah, so the Wolverine we met in the first X-Men film was no samurai, I guess that means he’ll be getting shot with another memory wiping bullet? Ugh.  Prequels are stupid, just make a good damn sequel.
  • Yesterday I checked out DC Comic’s animated Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and I gotta say, I dug it. DC has really been on a roll with its animated features, Superman Doomsday and Justice League:  The New Frontier were both very well done. I wasn’t before, but now I’m really interested in the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight’s next animated team up in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. The film once again features Tim Daly as Superman and Kevin Conroy as Batman, and they are joined by genre fan favorite Summer Glau as Supergirl.
  • Okay, so this isn’t movie related, but it is both comic adaptation related and Batman related. It has been a long time, but Batman and Scooby-Doo will meet again!  An upcoming episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold will feature the cartoon dog and Batman teaming up to solve a case. While I don’t regularly watch the series, I will be checking out this episode.
  • According to Mark Millar, Kick-Ass 2 has been officially greenlighted and we be based on his upcoming graphic novel follow up to the first series. Matthew Vaughn did an awesome job adapting Kick-Ass for the big screen. He knew just what to cut and what to keep to make the film as good as it can be. I hope Millar learns from what Vaughn did with the film to craft the sequel series.
  • AICN has been reporting that Fox has narrowed the possible directors list for its Fantastic Four reboot to James McTeigue, Joe Carnahan, and David Yates. None of them get me excited about the film.  McTeigue could make it visually impressive, Carnahan would be just as bad as Tim Story, and Yates is a passable director, but is he suited for the first family of superheroes? There is also a rumor that the studio wants a CGI Thing voiced by Bruce Willis. Um… okay.
  • Disney and Marvel Comics are moving forward with an Iron Fist movie! The karate expert with literal fists of fury could make a decent film. In the past, Ray Parks was rumored to be in the running for the role and I still think he’d make a great fit. I’m assuming that Disney will want to make the film be a kid friendly action flick. Hopefully we’ll see Luke Cage in it.
  • No MJ in the Spider-Man reboot? That’s the rumor from THR. If it is true, I can understand the need to want to distance the movie from the Raimi trilogy, but this is just plain stupid. Have MJ, have Gwen, and just concentrate on making the best Spider-Man movie possible. If this is true, it’d bring my interest for this re-do to zero.

Excited about all of the upcoming comic book flicks? Sound off in our comments!

Wrestling Recap

Read about last week’s WWE Monday Night Raw in part 1!

Not much to talk about with WWE NXT. I have no idea why they did a double elimination on NXT last week when we have none this week. The rookies compete in a trivia contest, but the bulk of the show is a Cody Rhodes/M.V.P. match to pad things out. It’s not much of a show and simple to skip since nothing happens that actually matters.

Over on Smackdown we’re promised Kane vs. Mysterio (again, but no DQ) and Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston (again, for the title). Mysterio and Kane actually open the show. Rey is actually selling injuries from his match with Alberto Del Rio. It’s not that different from all their past matches. Sure a kendo stick and a steel chair come into play, but it’s still nothing special. Kane wins, not surprisingly, but The Undertaker will appear later tonight. What does that mean for the champion?

Alberto shows up after Kane leaves, he feigns concern for Rey then decides Rey is a sick dog that needs to be put down. He slams him into the barricade then uses his Armbar again. Then catches the arm in a chair. It really gets Del Rio over as a heel but a lot of it is just standing around between the various attacks while Del Rio pretends he’s done for the benefit of the referees.

CM Punk faces JTG just to bring back the Anaconda Vice submission move for a quick win. With Punk unable to GTS Big Show he needs another credible way to potentially beat him. I don’t need to see Teddy Long and Hornswoggle play charades. The Ziggler/Kingston match has a stipulation. The title can change hands on a DQ. I don’t know if this will be the blowoff match, but they are going for bigger moves than their usual matches so it’s a step up from some of there past matches. A lot of near falls and false finishes help too. Vickie stops Dolph from re-entering the ring and he gets counted out. There was no rule that the title would change hands on a countout so Ziggler remains champion and I guess this isn’t the blowoff. Ziggler runs right after the match with Kofi in hot pursuit.

Why did Jack Swagger plunge down the card to where he is feuding with MVP and having crappy amateur matches with him? I skipped over the Drew McIntyre/Christian match last week because just throwing Mcintyre, Rhodes, Christian and Matt Hardy at each other with no real story has already become boring. Alberto Del Rio squashes a local jobber, who gets an entrance for no apparent reason. Del Rio drives a Jaguar into the arena. I am really impressed by this guy so far. They’re calling his finisher a Cross Arm Breaker. They can do better.

Kelly Kelly should stop hanging around Big Show. He may get peckish and mistake her for a corn dog. Show faces Luke Gallows. CM Punk watches from backstage as the rest of the SES, including Serena who has already been released, are at ringside. Show wins, of course.

The show ends with an Undertaker and Kane segment. The Undertaker may not be able to cut it any more. He looks old, he’s limping and I don’t buy it’s from Kane’s attack. Mark Calaway may simply be well past his shelf life. And the promo is uninspired. I think the audience hat just sat through a 4+ hour show so there’s some excuse for them being dead at this point, but this is a weak blowoff to the night.

Over on the TNA side of things I do not need to see Dixie Carter on screen this much. She’s no more talented than I am, why is she on national TV and not me? Oh yeah, rich spouse. Oh great, he’s on camera too. The show also has waaaaaay too much Hulk Hogan. Remember when he signed on and claimed this wasn’t going to be about him? Samoa Joe returns to squash Orlando Jordan then, sadly, get pulled into the vortex of suck that is the Jarrett/Sting/Nash feud. Double J asked Joe for help and Joe refused. So we know they’ll end up allies.

Beer Money crush the F.B.I. (Little Guido and, I think, Tony Mamluke). The Motor City Machineguns ride a growing wave of crowd momentum to a win over Generation Me. There’s some knockout interaction between the reunited Angelina Love and Velvet Sky and Madison Rain and her bodyguard. Sting and Nash remind Flair they haven’t forgotten about Fortune’s beat down.

Stevie Richards makes the mistake of trying to take down Abyss by himself. He puts up with a fight but the only reason he doesn’t get the Janice treatment (Janice being Abyss’s board full of nails) is Abyss tells him to send a message to the others. What happened to RVD will happen to them. Do they all have limited dates on their contract? Then Rhyno calls out Abyss and actually takes him down with a Gore.

So the main event is Fortune (Styles, Kazarian, Morgan and Wolfe) versus Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, The Pope D’angelo Dinero and Mister Anderson. It’s not much of a match until it breaks down into one guy hitting a big move on somebody else then the next guy hitting a big move on the first. Repeat until the Pope steals Angle’s pin. That leads to arguments and Fortune, including Beer Money, beat down the face team. Tommy Dreamer and EV 2.0 make the save. Doug Williams goes through a table.

Fortune is coming together but too many of the show’s storylines are mashing together into one jumbled mess. Not everything needs to involve Hogan, Dixie, Flair and the old ECW guys. And where is Jay Lethal? Where’s Eric Young. Yes some young guys are getting pushes but not nearly enough. As for Reactions, hey TNA please give up trying to make it look like the show is live after Impact and we should stay tuned for live developments. Nobody is buying it. The show should be news and interviews, like the old WWE Confidential.

Not a great week for either federation. WWE is not building Night of Champions well. The RAW main event is a jumble of guys with no focus. Nexus has lost their shine and losing Skip Sheffield will only make it worse. Kane and Undertaker are not hitting the heights a Smackdown main event needs to, especially since Taker should be red hot after just coming back from an injury. TNA keeps saying they’re pushing new guys but they do it by making them secondary characters in the storyline of the old guys. Fortune is now more about Ric Flair than anyone else in the group. And Rhyno taking out Abyss? A big mistake. It’s enough to make a guy want to turn off for a week or and hopes things get better. I’m sure I’ll be back next week with another recap, and that way you aren’t forced to.

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ll be frank and very honest, I had no idea what (or who) Boost Mobile was before I was given their website and asked to look at their plans and offers to talk about them here. What I found was actually a pretty cool alternative to cell phone providers that are dishonest with fees and taking advantage of customers. I’ll go into more detail, but if Boost Mobile is the future of mobile telephoning, than sign me up.

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I have a BlackBerry with another provider and right now I end up paying more than double their Blackberry plan and each month I have to count my texts, so I don’t go over my allotted amount because that would cause me to pay even more.

Boast Mobile also offers costumers Re-Boost. What is Re-Boost? Re-Boost allows you to set up an automatic payment schedule, it allows you to pay online, by phone, or even in person. It also allows you to gift money to other people (and for them to gift money to you). You could ask people to help pay your phone for your birthday or Christmas and get something you want more than a sweeter and socks.

Visit my sponsor: Reboost

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Wrestling Recap WWE

Welcome to another wacky week in wrestling. RAW was pre-taped last week, but it’s new to us, right? Sheamus is out and he’s insulting American children for cheap heel heat. Apparently Randy Orton is a spoiled brat. E-GM has something to say through Michael Cole. He likes Sheamus so the champ gets a throne to watch tonight’s matches, then will name his opponent for Night of Champions. Right off, Edge comes out to face R-Truth. Truth has one of his better matches in a while as he actually leaves his feet with some flashier moves for a change. I’m not a big fan of the finish as Edge hits a Spear with virtually no running space to build momentum. It’s not convincing that it would hurt as much and take R-Truth out. Edge grabs a mic to plead his case to face Sheamus. Until you’ve beaten Edge, you haven’t beaten anybody.

The Great Khali faces Chris Jericho. Which opponent for Sheamus do you think would draw more buyrates? Khali is still handicapped by an “injured” knee, which Jericho targets constantly. Jericho rolling Khali into the Walls of Jericho is somewhat impressive looking. With the big Indian’s injured knee he taps instantly. Jericho makes the case Sheamus should face the first Undisputed champion and the best in the world at what he does.

Cena cuts a short but effective promo for his match with The Miz. Now Jillian Hall is singing. Will Sheamus choose her? Or her opponent, Melina? Well, this is a title match so Sheamus may want to see who wins and make it a champion versus champion match. All the shrieking in this match makes it sound like a pack of harpies fighting over a bone. Even Cole comments on it. I like Melina’s finisher but why is it called The Last Call? Is she a Lindsay Lohan style partier? Basically this is a squash to set up for LaCool on the Titantron to let Melina know they’re coming to next week’s 900th RAW. Then, Miz counter’s Cena’s promo with a high quality promo of his own.

Nexus comes out, still with an uninjured Skip Sheffield. E-GM called out Nexus to let them know the ban on them competing for titles has been lifted. Barrett immediately lets Sheamus know the truce is over. Sheamus has such an expressive face this is a great night for him.

Cena and Miz have a match For two guys wuith limited movesets they know how to keep the crowd into the match. Cena is certainly willing to sell for The Miz. Cena only loses because Daniel Bryan attacks Miz and Cena is DQed as a result. Bryan locks a Crossface on Miz and the US Champ taps instantly. I’m predicting now that at the end of Night of Champions Daniel Bryan will be United States Champion.

The problem with WWE is how often they telegraph with their recaps. They recap the Santino/Tamena exchange from last week. So now when Santino and Koslov come out to face the Usos you know shenanigans will ensue. It’s a short, but inoffensive, match. Tamena stops one of the Usos from attacking Santino after the match. She even blows Santino a kiss as they exit.

We’re back to trying to impress Sheamus with a Triple Threat between Ted Dibiase, John Morrison and Randy Orton. Sheamus leaves early in the match. There’s 20 minutes left in the show, is this the main event? Orton hits an RKO on John Morrison while Morrison is in midair. This is looking like a trademark move by Orton and showcases how amazing Orton’s timing is. And, just to show Orton is the only main eventer in this match, Orton RKOs Dibiase for good measure.

Sheamus takes to the ring to announce his intention to wrestle right now. Sheamus is picking someone who has never had an opportunity at the title. Zack Ryder. Zack at least gets a mic to be cocky. Nice of the announcers to bury Ryder. At this point there is about ten minutes left in the show so this is not going to be a five-star classic if it’s a match at all. One Brogue kick at the two-second mark and we have about a seven-second match. Poor Matthew Cardona.

Sheamus gets back on the mic to claim he gets thirty days before his next defence so he’s taking Night of Champions off. But out comes Wade Barrett. Barrett won NXT and that means he can claim his title shot at Night of Champions. Cue the annoying E-GM sound to tell me what the spoilers already told me. RAW’s main event for Night of Champions is a Six-Pack challenge. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. John Cena. Sheamus shoves Barrett to the wolves and the others seem to hate him even more than Sheamus. So Barrett gets a beatdown, then Jericho takes out Sheamus, Edge downs Jericho, Cena hits Edge with an Attitude Adjustment which leaves Orton to RKO Cena and stand tall at the end of the show.

Two weeks after the PPV RAW realizes they better start selling the next PPV. The crowd was a little tired having sit through two shows in a row so they seemed a bit dead at the end but it worked out quite well.

Continue reading about WWE NXT, Smackdown and more in Part 2!

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