So, you have an awesome script, talked to a few actors who are interested in bringing it to life, and you are ready to make your feature film directing debut? You’ll need money… a lot of money.

One thing that is important right off the bat, is to check your personal finances. Will you be able to support yourself for weeks or months while you’ll be making no money? Will you have to borrow money, live off your partner, or take out personal loans just to survive? Not many people know this, but raising funds and trying to get the budget for a feature film can be a full time job. You’ll have to go on meeting after meeting, put together a mega information packet on the project, a full proposal, a budget, and a timeline of how investors can expect to make back their money. This is no easy task. Which is why my first question is; are you able to work a full time job without getting paid?

Okay, so you cut down your monthly expenses and you’ll be working part time to make ends meet, or you’ve saved for 6 months out of the year and you’ve saved enough for the next six months, giving you plenty of time to look for big bunks to make your film. Good, that was the first thing to think about. Next, you’ll start thinking about how much you need. What is your film’s actual estimated budget?