Okay, so we have talked about Hollywood the Game in the past; it is an online Hollywood/Filmmaking simulation game, but the game and online movie community is always changing and growing. They have been in existence for more than 5 years!

Throughout the summer, every weekend has been filled with new virtual movies (with some weekends having as much as 5 releases) and in two weeks, a new session of HTG TV will begin!

HTG TV is a TV simulation where three broadcast styled networks release programming on a weekly basis and compete for better ratings and sponsors.  All of the virtual TV shows are written scripts (prose is also accepted), which have been cast with Hollywood’s biggest stars, advertised to the community, and reviewed by critics. If you’d like to join in, new TV shows are still being looked at by networks.

There is a lot of other stuff going on in the world of Hollywood the Game, September will include a new Awards Show, Casino Nights, Trivia Games, and an all new town event.  In addition to all of the official events, players have been throwing their own events over at the in town Coliseum Hall. We’ve had wrestling shows and a beauty pageant, and on Sept 1st, we’ll be having something called “Hippiefest”, then in October someone is throwing a new horror film festival.

Interested in getting into the action? Then head over here for more details on how to join!