Friday Night LightsFriday Night Lights only ended (for me) two weeks ago, but I already intensely miss it.  I had to watch it on its second run on NBC, because I didn’t have Direct TV.  I missed out on the extra content, because NBC shortens the episodes to add commercial time to them. The forth season ended on a really high note, and I can’t wait to see what the East Dillon Lions do next season.

Direct TV recently announced that they will be producing two additional seasons for the Glenn Close/Rose Byrne courtroom drama Damages. Only, the deal for Damages is very different than the FNL deal. Damages will only air on Direct TV, and will not be rebroadcast for people with cable providers. I’ll have to wait extra long for the episodes to come out on Blu-Ray before I can even see them.

I was thinking a lot about Friday Night Lights and Damages today, and funny enough, I was contacted by to take a look at their website and Direct TV sales. With local tv satellite you can look at and decide between a bunch of different television packages. They have one package that is only 29.99 a month, and a second one that sells for 39.99, both would work with my budget.

Head over to to find out more information on their packages and for payment options. Would you switch cable providers simply so you could continuing watching one of your favorite shows?