Wrestling Recap WWE

Welcome to another wacky week in wrestling. RAW was pre-taped last week, but it’s new to us, right? Sheamus is out and he’s insulting American children for cheap heel heat. Apparently Randy Orton is a spoiled brat. E-GM has something to say through Michael Cole. He likes Sheamus so the champ gets a throne to watch tonight’s matches, then will name his opponent for Night of Champions. Right off, Edge comes out to face R-Truth. Truth has one of his better matches in a while as he actually leaves his feet with some flashier moves for a change. I’m not a big fan of the finish as Edge hits a Spear with virtually no running space to build momentum. It’s not convincing that it would hurt as much and take R-Truth out. Edge grabs a mic to plead his case to face Sheamus. Until you’ve beaten Edge, you haven’t beaten anybody.

The Great Khali faces Chris Jericho. Which opponent for Sheamus do you think would draw more buyrates? Khali is still handicapped by an “injured” knee, which Jericho targets constantly. Jericho rolling Khali into the Walls of Jericho is somewhat impressive looking. With the big Indian’s injured knee he taps instantly. Jericho makes the case Sheamus should face the first Undisputed champion and the best in the world at what he does.

Cena cuts a short but effective promo for his match with The Miz. Now Jillian Hall is singing. Will Sheamus choose her? Or her opponent, Melina? Well, this is a title match so Sheamus may want to see who wins and make it a champion versus champion match. All the shrieking in this match makes it sound like a pack of harpies fighting over a bone. Even Cole comments on it. I like Melina’s finisher but why is it called The Last Call? Is she a Lindsay Lohan style partier? Basically this is a squash to set up for LaCool on the Titantron to let Melina know they’re coming to next week’s 900th RAW. Then, Miz counter’s Cena’s promo with a high quality promo of his own.

Nexus comes out, still with an uninjured Skip Sheffield. E-GM called out Nexus to let them know the ban on them competing for titles has been lifted. Barrett immediately lets Sheamus know the truce is over. Sheamus has such an expressive face this is a great night for him.

Cena and Miz have a match For two guys wuith limited movesets they know how to keep the crowd into the match. Cena is certainly willing to sell for The Miz. Cena only loses because Daniel Bryan attacks Miz and Cena is DQed as a result. Bryan locks a Crossface on Miz and the US Champ taps instantly. I’m predicting now that at the end of Night of Champions Daniel Bryan will be United States Champion.

The problem with WWE is how often they telegraph with their recaps. They recap the Santino/Tamena exchange from last week. So now when Santino and Koslov come out to face the Usos you know shenanigans will ensue. It’s a short, but inoffensive, match. Tamena stops one of the Usos from attacking Santino after the match. She even blows Santino a kiss as they exit.

We’re back to trying to impress Sheamus with a Triple Threat between Ted Dibiase, John Morrison and Randy Orton. Sheamus leaves early in the match. There’s 20 minutes left in the show, is this the main event? Orton hits an RKO on John Morrison while Morrison is in midair. This is looking like a trademark move by Orton and showcases how amazing Orton’s timing is. And, just to show Orton is the only main eventer in this match, Orton RKOs Dibiase for good measure.

Sheamus takes to the ring to announce his intention to wrestle right now. Sheamus is picking someone who has never had an opportunity at the title. Zack Ryder. Zack at least gets a mic to be cocky. Nice of the announcers to bury Ryder. At this point there is about ten minutes left in the show so this is not going to be a five-star classic if it’s a match at all. One Brogue kick at the two-second mark and we have about a seven-second match. Poor Matthew Cardona.

Sheamus gets back on the mic to claim he gets thirty days before his next defence so he’s taking Night of Champions off. But out comes Wade Barrett. Barrett won NXT and that means he can claim his title shot at Night of Champions. Cue the annoying E-GM sound to tell me what the spoilers already told me. RAW’s main event for Night of Champions is a Six-Pack challenge. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. John Cena. Sheamus shoves Barrett to the wolves and the others seem to hate him even more than Sheamus. So Barrett gets a beatdown, then Jericho takes out Sheamus, Edge downs Jericho, Cena hits Edge with an Attitude Adjustment which leaves Orton to RKO Cena and stand tall at the end of the show.

Two weeks after the PPV RAW realizes they better start selling the next PPV. The crowd was a little tired having sit through two shows in a row so they seemed a bit dead at the end but it worked out quite well.

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