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A new poster featuring Daniel Radcliffe as the boy wizard Harry Potter has been released. “Nowhere is Safe” indeed. Since the third Harry Potter film, Warner Brothers have really been hitting their marks with this franchise. I love the posters and the visual style of the series. These posters are no exception.

Harry Potter 7 Part 1 Movie Poster

Check out the other Harry Potter 7 character posters over on Yahoo Movies. HP7, or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 will hit theaters on November 19th, 2010.

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Underworld Kate Beckinsale

Let me start this off by being perfectly honest, I don’t care about the Underworld series, but any reason to post pictures of Kate Beckinsale in tight leather is good in my book.  Moving on, for those of you who enjoy the series and missed her in “Rise of the Lycans”, you can cheer up because Beckinsale will be returning in the forth Underworld flick.

As of yet untitled, we can all assume that the new sequel will resume the war between vampires and werewolves. The script was penned by John Hlavin, who previously wrote episodes of The Shield and Trust Me, and was revised by one of the best comic book writers out there, J. Michael Straczynski, who has written comics for Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, and Thor.

No word yet on if other players in the Underworld will be returning, such as Scott Speedman who portrayed the werewolf/vampire hybrid Michael Corvin, or Michael Sheen’s werewolf leader Lucian, or Rhona Mitra’s vampire (that looks a lot like Beckinsale) Sonja. Rumor has it that we will be introduced to a daughter for Beckinsale’s Selene.

I’ll stay on top of breaking news for the series (mostly so I can post more pictures of Beckinsale).

Lucians Wrestling Recap

We’ve had a very short build up to “Hell in a Cell” and we’re already in the home stretch. We open with The Miz and Alex Reilly. Daniel Bryan has challenged them to a tag match. Miz says every Monday night Daniel Bryan gets a beat down. He comes out, to Flight of the Valkyries again, and reveals his partner, John Morrison. We go straight to the match. Reilly is still pretty limited, but he holds his own here. The match isn’t long enough to warrant a commercial break and Miz gets a clean win on Bryan with a Skull Crushing Finale. What’s interesting is a brawl breaks out and Bryan and Morrison end up going after each other as well as Miz and Reilly. The anonymous General Manager speaks through his mouthpiece Michael Cole to announce a Triple Threat for the US Title between Bryan, Miz and Morrison in a new Submissions Count Anywhere match.

We get a women’s Battle Royale to determine a #1 contender with LayCool on commentary. LayCool are getting repetitive and annoying again after their brief stint of being entertaining while they were on NXT. The good news is Natalya wins this match so at least she’s getting pushed more than her male Hart Dynasty compatriots. Maryse and/or Ted Dibiase still have a stalker, but he or she promises something happens next week.

Sheamus gives us a lesson in Irish folklore then issues an open challenge. The Great Khali, arguably the worst wrestler on the roster, answers the call. Unable to manhandle his opponent Sheamus is reduced to strikes before he quickly gets disqualified for throwing an announce chair on Khali. Sheamus’s pale white chest is marked with a huge red handprint from Khali’s chop, but the Irishman comes out on top of the post match beat down.

Somehow, Edge is going to interview the GM on his talk show segment The Cutting Edge. E-GM uses a bad computer voice. It’s a terrible segment best ignored, but it sets up Edge to face John Cena. It’s a decent little match and Edge spears Cena for the win. The E-GM rightfully points out Cena’s foot was under the bottom rope and restarts the match. Of course, Cena wins this time. Edge goes 2001 on the talking laptop and destroys it.

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel barely beat Evan Bourne and Mark Henry. So their stock looks to be dropping. Or course all five of Nexus beat them down afterwards. The GM has ruled if the rest of Nexus interfere in the match at HiaC then Cena automatically wins and Nexus is disbanded. Nexus plans to invade Smackdown on Friday. So the WWE bigwigs think Nexus will draw viewers to the SyFy premiere… yet they still plan to break up the group? Ah, Cena is going too. That makes more sense.

The tag champs, the chosen one Drew McIntyre and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, and the Hart Dynasty mix it up again, in another title match. It’s a short match and the Harts get buried again. Now they’re teasing a break up.

Our main event is Chris Jericho versus Randy Orton. This seems like such a forgone conclusion I’m tempted to just go to bed early. Jericho starts off on the stick. He’s giving a lengthy and impressive list of people he’s beaten that has to be cut off by a commercial. He’s still going after the commercial, remember this is live, and he’s even naming TNA guys! Funaki was in there! Orton finally interrupts them and Cole points out this is their first one-on-one match in the history of RAW. It ends up being a pretty good match, but it’s ultimately meaningless as Sheamus interferes and gives Orton the DQ win. Orton sets up Sheamus for the punt to the head, but Jericho ambushes Orton with a Codebreaker. Jericho goes for a chair and that gives Orton time to recover and RKO Jericho. The crowd are chanting “Punt!” That’s the coolest thing a crowd has done in a long time. Orton doesn’t let them down as he delivers one hell of a kick to Jericho’s head. Did he just knock him off contract?

Word has come down that NXT is to become a web only show. In other words WWE couldn’t find a single TV network willing to pick it up. In the 500 channel universe that’s sad. However, the show will continue to air outside the US. That includes Canada, lucky me. So I’ll be recapping the remaining episodes of this season, but I don’t see any chance of there being another.

They have a wheelbarrow race as the first challenge. Just in case that didn’t suck enough, Hornswoggle shows up to be the passenger. Kaytln wins. You can tell there’s a PPV Sunday because this show is packed with recaps. We’re at the three quarters mark and we’ve had no matches and one challenge. We’re ending with a challenge, called Dis the Diva, which means no matches. Seriously, no matches? The last time this show will be on US TV and they show no matches? Was there any doubt this show is considered a joke now? AJ wins. AJ at least has a likable character but she has the chest of a 10-year old so I don’t see WWE letting her win.

The live Smackdown better be good. Because I was set to get the PPV and now I’m having second thoughts…

It has been a few weeks since we took a deeper look at an entertainment and/or gaming website. Today I was introduced to First, lets take a look at their homepage (click for a larger look):

website reviews

Right when you get there, you can see that the website is geared towards fans of online casinos for usa players.

Website Reviews Also

The website is a nexus for online casino reviews and gambling news.  They strive to help USA players to find the “best” online casinos. Right when you enter the website, you’ll notice their top 10 ranked online casinos. They list the software the casinos use, the bonus involved with playing there, and a link to download it. Under this the website shares information on online casinos for players from USA that are unsure about online casinos and gambling. Personally, I know nothing about this type of gaming.

The left side of the page is broken down into three categories, each with their own links. Pictured to the right of this text. Once again, feel free to click the image for a larger look at the links bar.

The top category is for Popular Pages, and includes links to “Online Casino Reviews”, “UK & Euro Casinos”, “Poker Room”, “UK & Euro Poker”, “Gambling Forum”, and “Gambling News”. The next category lists Popular Games, included are “Baccarat”, “Bingo”, “Keno”, “Poker”, and more than 10 other games spotlighted.  The final category is the Beginners Guide, which includes links for “Do’s & Don’ts”, “eCogra”, “Microgaming”, “Playtech”, and “RTG”.

The website is very clean, with matches pages throughout the website. The Popular Games pages are mostly text and describe the games in detail. Some include links to online casinos that offer said game. is a good destination for beginners, just as always with casino related websites, be careful which links you click and what you download.

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TV News

What’s happening in the world of television? Keep reading…

  • USA network has renewed White Collar, Royal Pains, and Psych for new seasons. Which USA shows have episodes that you can watch online?
  • The OC star Rachel Bilson is re-teaming up with OC creator Josh Schwartz (also the man behind Chuck and Gossip Girl) for a new pilot for NBC. The pilot is for an hour long supernatural comedy, Ghost Angeles, which is rumored to center around a girl who can speak to the dead. I love Bilson and I’d be happy to see her back as a regular on TV. Maybe they can even find a way to get Adam Brody to guest star.
  • Out with the old and in with the… weird. American Idol has announced its two new judges that will join Randy Jackson in the show’s 10th season, they are none other than Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Does anyone else think that this combo is completely bizarre? Watch the train wreck unfold in January.
  • The Fox con man drama Lone Star is the first canceled show of the new season.  While it was a critic’s darling, the show barely showed up in the ratings department in its two airings. I guess this will free up stars James Wolk, Adrianne Palicki, and Jon Voight to move onto other shows. Did anyone actually take the time to watch the show? Did it deserve such a quick demise?
  • Boardwalk Empire made its premiere last week, and I have to admit, I dug it. It had a small drop off in ratings in its second airing, but HBO is confident enough in the series to give it a second season.
  • I’m not sure how I missed it, but there was a five episode Chuck related webseries, Buy Hard: The Story of Jeff and Lester. The series focuses Jeff and Lester after last season’s finale, as they adjust to living life on the lam after they are suspected of burning down the Buy More.

Authored by Leandro Delgado.

I’m a huge fan of Law & Order, and I was beyond sad when the original series ended. I was excited to see that they are premiering a new Law & Order series this year. It’s called Law & Order: Los Angeles. I will watch the pilot out of loyalty to the original show, but I will watch under the assumption that it’ll provide good drama. If it doesn’t, I’ll scrap it. I do have my doubts about whether or not it will even last a full season because the series has already made several successful spin-offs, and I’m not sure that this new one will bring anything different to the table.

Last week, I found out that Skeet Ulrich is starring in the new series. I like Skeet. He’s super cute, and I’ve been a fan since I saw him in Scream back when I was in high school. I read online that Alfred Molina (cool), Terrence Howard (not bad), and Regina Hall (awesome!) are all set to appear in at least one episode. I hope Terrence, Alfred, and Regina all have recurring roles.

The show will premiere on Sept. 29th on NBC, and my mom and I will watch it on Satellite tv in Texas.

chuck me mondays

Don’t forget, there is an all new episode of Chuck on tonight. As usual, 8pm on NBC. What should we expect tonight?

“There are crimes of fashion when Chuck and Sarah go undercover in Milan for Fashion Week to seize a high-tech weapon, yet Chuck soon recognizes a flaw in his relationship with Sarah. Meanwhile, Morgan discovers a vulnerability about the new Buy More; and Casey futilely tries to make his home in Burbank.”

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