daily filmmaking tips

So, lets say you spent the long amount of time it takes to make a feature film. You have worked your butt off to make it as good as possible. What comes next? Chances are, you have spent a mint getting it made. Whether you had an investor or just put everything on credit cards, feature films cost money. Even low budget ones. So, now do you hire a marketing firm for the film? A seo company for the film’s website? A public relations rep?

The first big thing to ask… is there an money left? Did you put aside some money to advertise your film or were you hoping that it would make it into a festival and a big studio would see it and snatch it up in a heartbeat? Well, that would be great, but it doesn’t always happen. While making the film it is a good idea to put some money on the side. You need cast for film festival entries, travel to be at said festivals, design work, a web site, and even a PR person to help your film get noticed. Those are the people that have ties to newspapers, blogs, and even festivals themselves. If you don’t have an agent, you just might need to hire someone to help you get the word out about your film. No matter how hard you work as a lone wolf, you just might not have the skills to do it alone. Plan ahead and put some money aside for advertising to help sell your film.