daily filmmaking tips

Okay, this goes for those independent filmmakers that are shooting shorts (and features) with a complete lack of insurance. We’ve all done it, but there is something to keep in mind when doing it… Don’t be stupid!

If you can’t protect your actors and your own future, than you really need to avoid doing certain things:

  • Car Chases; you’d have to be nuts to think you can go on open streets and choreograph your own epic car chase scene. Not only is this dangerous for your cast and crew, but you also put everyone on the road in danger.
  • Stunt Fights; sure, you can do a few little things, a punch or a kick. Keep it grounded and use camera tricks. Don’t have two ninjas doing real flips on the roof of a house or sky scrapper.
  • Hanging off Buildings; you can’t risk you actors on the real ledges of buildings. I know it is dramatic and you really want to get that cool shot of your actor hanging for his life. This is film, you have to fake reality, not actually put them in danger.

The biggest thing that should stop you from doing anything really stupid is your common sense. If it seems dangerous, don’t do it! Crew members and actors have to be willing to speak up also. Never do something that makes you uncomfortable. As a producer, remember, if you don’t have an entertainment package, or truck hauling HVG insurance, or any type of cast coverage, than you better be careful. Otherwise if anything happens, you can lose your house, be in debt for the rest of your life and have something you’ll likely never get off your conscious.