daily filmmaking tips

When it comes to filmmaking, it is very easy to take the easy way out, to not go the extra mile and just to accept what you have and work with said restraints. But that is no way to be a filmmaker! You have to be willing to takes chances and work your butt off bringing your vision to life, as your vision.

For example, say that you are making a short film about a spy who rides around in a stylish BMW 3 Series. Okay, you don’t own a BMW, nor do your parents or best friends. You can give up and shoot the scenes with your used Toyota, or you can go the extra mile and find a BMW and shoot with that! Ask your family and extended family if anyone knows someone with a BMW, post the message to your 400 friends on Facebook, add a wanted ad on Craig’s List, and if those fail. Go to a used car dealership! Offer them a logo in the credits, or if you have to pull out the big guns, offer to make them a low budget commercial for their dealership in exchange for using one of their BMWs for a day of filming. If you are a student filmmaker, it is still like this that will separate you from your classmates.

Do your script justice and keep it real. Don’t settle for anything less than your vision.