daily filmmaking tips

Okay, so it might be a little strange that most of my recent filmmaking tips have been more about the business around the process, rather than actual tips for making films. Maybe it is because I’m in early pre-production on a new film, so my head is more in the business side of things, or it can be that I keep seeing young filmmakers making the same mistakes that makes them appear very unprofessional.

On the level of the filmmaker, we’ve talked a lot in the past about how to get yourself out there. Being prepared with business cards, a personal website, and a reel geared towards your particular skill (cinematography, editing, etc) is very important.  It is also important not to misrepresent yourself.  If you are applying for a production assistant job, nothing annoys me more than seeing a list of “films” you produced. And by “films”, I mean short student films.  You are not applying to be a producer, don’t list those. List the films and shows that you actually worked on. I’d rather hire someone with zero credits as a production assistant, than a “producer.” This goes for business cards also, don’t list yourself as a producer if you have never produced anything.

On a company level, you should look the part of a legitimate production company. Go the extra mile by designing a professional looking logo. Then put that logo on everything from your website, stickers on your gear, make letterhead, and you can even do postcard and envelope printing. The idea is to look as  professional as possible. You want to set a tone for how people see you, and by extension, your work.