daily filmmaking tips

Yesterday’s Daily Filmmaking Tip was about costuming and how you could prepare for future films (features and shorts) just by keeping your eye open for sales and buying costumes you might not have an idea for, just to prepare for later shoots. You never know what you might need.

Today, I want to talk about Postcards and how important they are to promoting your independent film. Postcards don’t have to be in your face or overly colorful, they can be simple, clean, and effective. I personally recommend having two styles of postcards for your film or webseries. One should be your main poster image, just on a tiny card and emphasis your film’s website URL. The second one can be more of a traditional postcard, have a candid or promo image on one side (glossy) and on the other side have it be a traditional postcard back, with a short message about the film and an area for the address you are sending it to. Like the first one, make sure it has your film’s URL and make sure it stands out. You want to direct people to your website to see the film’s trailer and learn more about how they can buy or see your film. You can do it yourself or hire a postcard mailing service to help you make these. When writing your short message about the film, I really recommend that you don’t have a canned message that you send to everyone. Instead, hand write a message specifically to who you are sending it to, for example; “John, It was great seeing you at the film expo, here is the film I mentioned to you. Would love to discuss it more!” This makes the postcard more personal to them while reminding them that your film exists. Hopefully they will not just toss it in the garbage.