daily filmmaking tips

Okay, so I guess this is less of a general filmmaking tip and more of a suggestion. It doesn’t relate to production itself, but having the perfect office does effect your work. Big time.

For me, I need enough space to feel comfortable. While I prefer my own office, it isn’t necessary. I just need a huge desk along with a long table, plenty of wall space (and either a ton of tacks or double stick tape), and a two drawer filing cabinet.  Everything else is gravy.

For a production office (or a production company office), there are a few things that you need. You need enough space for everyone to have the room they need to get things done. Cubicles? Desks side by side? Individual offices? It doesn’t really matter. You just need a large enough space so you aren’t falling over each other or stepping on each others calls. You need a meeting room, for various vendors, crew member interviews, office meetings, and a general getaway place to talk. You need a kitchen with a refrigerator, toaster, microwave, water cooler, and of course, a COFFEE machine (I love the K-Cup ones, but you lose something when you don’t have coffee constantly brewing… I love that smell).  I keep on joking that I need an office with a grill and deep-fryer, and maybe for the next office I will.  You also need a copier/supply room. You can’t have the copier in the middle of the office or in someone’s personal office. It is way too distracting.

I’ve seen some office that do really different and unique things. This one really cool office had a classic feel and used all barnwood furniture. That is furniture that uses wood recycled from old barns that have been torn down.  Another office I was in had this really cool art that was created with old soda cans and beer bottles.  You never know what might inspire you to be more creative or get more work down. My personal favorite office is the Dreamworks office. It has an old fashion Hollywood vibe along with movie memorabilia from classic films in display cases throughout the halls and offices.