This guest post from Mickey Garza.

If you are looking for better health including lower blood pressure and cholesterol, building your immune system, fighting diseases like cancer and heart disease, then you need to start juicing, if you aren’t already. Jack LaLanne’s juicer infomercial is still on TV and he still is my favorite.

If you’re watching TV he has a half hour infomercial where he and his lovely wife tell you everything you always wanted to know about juicing while demonstrating his juicer. The juicer really is amazing and I finally bought one after watching them use it. The juice machine is practically indestructible and as they will show you, you do not have to cut the fruit and vegetables up into tiny pieces to put it into juicer. They designed the shoot to be especially wide so that even a whole apple or pear will go right in. This saves so much time and mess in the kitchen.

The Jack LaLaine juicer has been around for years, and it has only gotten better. It is made completely of metal, so the plastic parts don’t wear out. But then even if they did, Jack offers a life-time warranty.

How can you possibly go wrong? For not $399 – not $299 – not $199, but for $99 you can juice your own fruits and vegetable and find extra energy!