This post brought to you by Dual Electronics. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love road trips. I have driven across the country three times in the past four years.  While the scenery is breathtaking, I would never be able to make the extremely fun trip without my tunes.  During my first trip I learned that you can not trust the radio to play the music you love or keep you entertained during the long journey.  The radio signal also comes in and out, which causes a lot of static and you have to find new radio stations as you pass through different states.  Even when the radio is in tune, they play the same songs over and over and I'm lucky if I even like 30% of said songs.

Earlier today I was contacted about the newest Dual Electronics car audio system, the XDMA6630.  This thing features Bluetooth connectivity with a front panel USB connection. This gives users direct access and control of your iPod (and iPhone). It has a 3.5mm auxiliary input along with 2-RCA preamp outputs and a wireless remote control that allows you  to scroll through songs and change the volume.

The thing that I really love about this mobile receive is that it lets you hook-up your iPod through you car stereo. This cuts out the need to listen to the radio. You can rock out to all of your favorite songs, without the worry of static or losing a station in the middle of your long drive. Now, the only thing you have to worry about is having too many songs for your iPod to hold.

So, how would you pimp your ride? You could always increase your "cool factor" with the XDMA6630, aka the ultimate car audio system.

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