Jersey Shore

Guest post written by Mitch Waters.

Despite all the bad press that the show by the same name has given the area, I still love the Jersey Shore. We’ve been members of a yacht club for years and have a beach home there too. We invested in property there when we were much younger and are getting to share it with our grandkids now.

One day when I was showing my grandson the ropes around the boat he kept asking me questions and I was having trouble hearing exactly what he was asking so I had to ask him to repeat himself most of the time. After all of that I went home and looked up some hearing aid prices. Then I ended up buying some that you couldn’t really see that much in my ears. That was really important to me because I want my grandkids to think I’m active and that I’m fun instead of an old grandpa that can’t do hardly anything. I’m really excited to teach my grandkids the ropes of sailing so they can spend some great summers on the shore just like I have.