spiderman issue 641 preview

After a long wait, we’ll finally have some more answers with the conclusion of “One Moment in Time.” Still wondering how the world forgot that Peter Parker was Spider-Man? What about the status of Peter and Mary Jane’s relationship? Could it ever be the same? Marvel Comics is promising us that every question would be answered and that the past would be laid to rest.  The issue is from Joe Quesada and Stan Lee with pencils by Quesada, Marcos Martin, and Paolo Rivera and hits stands next Thursday September 9th, 2010.

Recently, after years and years, I stopped picking up new Spider-Man issues.  I hated the idea behind the “Brand New Day” and the relaunching of years and years of Spider-Man stories just to negate the fact that Peter Parker and Mary Jane were married. I loved their marriage and it is a shame they took it away in the main Marvel universe. Isn’t that what the Ultimate and What If universes are for?

Marvel Comics is also releasing Amazing Spider-Man #642 this week, which starts a new 5-part storyline, “Origin of the Species.” In the new story, Norman Osborn’s new baby is born and for some reason, every villain wants to get their hands on the little “goblin.”

Other non Spider-Man related Marvel Comics coming out on the 9th include Daken: Dark Wolverine #1, Daredevil #510, Deadpool Corps #6, Invaders #1, Invincible Iron Man #30, New Avengers #4, Thor #614, X-Men #3, among others.

What will you be getting?