Continuing with My Hollywood Dream’s weekly review of entertainment websites, today I’m taking a look at Gambling PhD ( The website is a guide that reviews online casinos and gambling websites along with posting daily news and betting advice for gamblers. Yeah, I am reviewing a website that reviews other websites. Until last week, I really didn’t realize just how big the online casino world was. Gambling PhD makes it a point to tell visitors to be careful with the sites they use for gambling.

Right when you open the page, you are taken here…


They jump right into things with mini reviews and links to nine different online casinos. Included in the mix are Aladdin’s Gold, VIP Slots, Go Casino, Rushmore Casino, Cherry Red Casino, and Golden Casino (to name a few). These particular reviews are short, and give visitors basic information on these casinos.

On the left side of the page is a list of links (as pictured below – click to enlarge as usual):


The top link, Online Gambling PhD, takes us to a top 10 list of online casinos.  The next link, Casino Reviews, takes us to a longer list of 20 casinos with reviews along with a detailed “Introduction to Online Casino Gambling.” This introduction is great for people like me who have never had any contact with online casinos.  It has a warning of what to look out for to ensure that you are playing on a licensed website. Moving down on the links list you’ll find gambling tips, history, and a ton of general casino/gambling information.  The bottom link that reads “Daily Tips” has an archive of the website’s Tip of the Day. On this page you’ll find links to detailed info on such subjects as “Blackjack Card Counting”, “Perks”, “Keno Tips”, “Gambling Discipline”, and “Video Poker in the Nutshell” to name a few.

Overall, Gambling PhD is a good introduction to people that are unfamiliar with the world of Online Casinos. The website doesn’t have the best design, but it does supply visitors with a lot of information on the subject.

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