It hasn’t been our norm, but in the past we’ve done reviews of many different types of websites, from movies and television, to news, gaming, and even casino websites. Earlier today I was approached to take a look at, a casino based website that has a focus in free slots. The website in a nutshell is a location that offers free download slots games and a guide to online casino downloads and slots along with listings for online slot tournaments.

Upon entering the website, you’ll be greeted by this homepage (click to enlarge).

Slots Hero

I was surprised by the low tech look and the overpowering ad that was the first thing I saw. The page was also a bit too cluttered for my tastes. The middle section has information about the site, followed by information on how to play free slots, where to play them, and links to all of the slots that Slots Hero offers.

Ont he left side of the page is two blocks of links. The top one is pictured below and the bottom one just re-lists links to different slots the site offers.

Links Bar

As you can see, this link bar offers links to where you can download their slots for PC or Macs, listing of tournaments, Online Casinos, Free Slots, Games Lists, and their blog.

Slot Hero Blog

The blog is cleaner than the homepage, but not by much. It still feels cramped. The width should be wider with more page in the middle block for content.  The actual content of the blog includes information about their slots, including news about new games, upcoming games, and details on past wins. The blog archive goes back to October 2009 and includes categories for Online Casinos, Slot Tournaments, Slots, Slot Games,  and Slots Strategy.

If you are a fan of online casino games, than you might enjoy If you aren’t a fan of casinos or slot machine gaming, than you really don’t have a point in checking out the website, it is a completely niche website.

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