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The fall television season is in full swing as the summer movie season is officially over. Surprisingly we still had a decent weekend of films with Ben Affleck’s The Town opening to number 1 with the Emma Stone starer Easy A in a close second. What else is going on in the world of entertainment?

  • Horror legend Wes Craven has been giving away a ton of signed My Soul to Take posters via his Twitter. The flick was written and directed by Craven and focuses on a small town where a serial killer returns and stalks seven children who share his birthday. Sounds like a nice old school slasher to me. Welcome back Mr. Craven.
  • Speaking of Chuck, yesterday was the premiere! If you missed it go watch when it is posted online!!! The premiere guest starred Linda Hamilton and Dolph Lundgren… Yeah, it was awesome. Chuck airs on NBC at 8pm.
  • Marvel Comics have announced their latest Dark Tower series, Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Little Sisters Of Eluria.  The new series will be written by Robin Furth and Peter David with art by Luke Ross.  The official description of the new title: “After being terribly wounded from a vicious battle with a band of slow mutants, Roland Deschain is taken in by a group of hideous creatures known as the Little Sisters of Eluria and must battle. Roland’s journey has been long and treacherous and now there is nothing he can do to fend off the Little Sisters and whatever they have in store for him. Will the Gunslinger live to see the light of day?
  • Have you checked out any of the new Fall shows yet? What have you been digging?