WWE SmackdownWhat does Smackdown have in store as the Kane/Undertaker feud plods along? They taped in Baltimore last Tuesday. Undertaker is actually wrestling on TV this week as he faces CM Punk. He’s also out to start the show. He cuts a lacklustre promo about being the dominant brother and announces the PPV match will be No Holds Barred, or at least that’s his challenge. CM Punk is the one to interrupt. How is CM Punk facing Big Show at Night of Champions? Neither of them hold a title. Punk rightly points out the Undertaker looks beaten down and tired and isn’t as menacing as he used to be, but Taker can still bust out a catchphrase and it’s time for a commercial anyway.

Let’s see if Jack Swagger can have the success John Morrison had on RAW. He’s facing MVP so even a win won’t really elevate him. They have a pretty typical match before Swagger Dropkicks the ring steps into MVP’s knee, he slams his leg into the ring post, finishing with the ankle lock. MVP taps right away so maybe Swagger is getting rebuilt.

Kaval is on Smackdown and looks to be breaking free of LaCool. I have come to love every moment Alberto Del Rio is on screen. Apparently he really did break Rey Mysterio’s wrist. Del Rio is getting decent competition as he faces a limping Matt Hardy. Stryker makes a Sub-mariner joke in the match. Hee hee. Del Rio drops out of a potential Superplex and yanks Matt Hardy’s arm down into the top rope as he drops. That’s all it takes to set up Del Rio’s finisher and we have another submission tonight. Christian saves Matt Hardy from a beat down but Del Rio vows to make him pay.

Kaval draws Drew McIntyre as his debut opponent. Anyone who thinks Kaval is going to get the same push as Wade Barrett or even Daniel Bryan is in for a shock as McIntyre beats Kaval clean. Dolph Ziggler drags Chavo Guererro out to be his partner. Poor Chavo, he’s always deserved better than he’s got. Remember Kerwin White? The death of that gimmick was the only truly good thing to come out of Eddie’s death. Kofi Kingston has found a scrub from Superstars as his partner as well, Chris Masters. The match only gets really interesting when Dolph and Kofi are in the ring. There’s an odd finish where the ref misses a tag by the heels, which usually happens to the good guys, and Kofi takes down Dolph with Trouble in Paradise. At Night of Champions the title can change hands on a countout or DQ so Dolph is actually going to have to win to keep his title. I’d bet on him.

Big Show pretends to be Josh Matthews and interviews himself. So we’re back to goofy Big Show now? Show gets in one funny comment as he discusses taking out Gallows, Mercury and “that other bald guy they had in their organization.”

That leaves the main event. It’s a pretty plodding match at first. Taker does miss Old School (deliberately) and crotches himself on the top rope. That’s kind of cool. The real problem here, and with Taker overall lately, is once you introduce even a hint of weakness to the Deadman he loses most of his mystique. CM Punk managing a Go To Sleep on Taker looks pretty cool but Taker shrugs it off and goes straight into Hell’s Gate. That leads to a quick tap out. What is it? Submission night? Undertaker’s celebration is cut off by Kane’s pyro and him laughing from the TitanTron. But no answer yet to Undertaker’s challenge…

As for TNA. Well my Digital Video Recorder decided it wasn’t going to record the show so I have no idea what happened. And you know something? I don’t really care.