daily filmmaking tips

We talk a lot about designing the perfect websites for you as a filmmaker, for your production company, and a website for each of your films. Each should have its own distinct look and feel, along with their own domain names. Something that is very important is tying all of your websites together with links. If one website does very well and gets a lot of traffic, than linking to your other websites will also help them.

In the past we’ve also talked a lot about using the print medium to get people to your websites. Business cards, post cards, and posters are all great for networking and increasing your social base. You can also do a lot of electronic advertising via email and newsletters.

Today’s tip is how you can increase your seo (search engine optimization). You want your websites to be at the top of results pages in google, yahoo, and other search engines. The best way to make this happen is to have popular websites linking to your website. After you do all of the basic stuff, like making profiles for your websites on Facebook, Myspace, and other popular social networking platforms, you than want to create a strong Link Exchange with a variety of other websites, both like your website and different. Contact website masters and offer a link on your website for a link on theirs. Create a full page on your website for links and shoutouts. Use a Google PR ranker to check up on websites that you want to trade links with. The higher their PR, then the better the link is at helping your website’s seo. Target these websites and you’ll start to see an increase in your visitors from search engines.