daily filmmaking tips

Okay, so you have a few projects in various stages of production; you are prepping a new feature film while putting finishing touches on short you shot earlier in the year. What kind of equipment should you buy and what should you just rent when you need it?  Today I’ll take a look at one item that is very important to your production office…

If you have an office, than as you gear up for pre-production, then shooting, you should without a doubt rent a full sized photocopier or invest in buying two desk top photocopiers, one for the office and the other for the ADs on set. Unless you have a full slate of features and a beefy fund that your production company is drawing from, I would not recommend  buying a full sized photocopier. Not only are they expensive, but the maintenance on them could be costly also. If you rent a copier, it usually includes a free maintenance/repair man at your disposal 24/7.

In addition to copies, photocopiers usually include networking access, so everyone in your office will be able to connect and use them. They have scanners, so you can feed documents into the copier to be made into PDF or image files. This will become one of your key pieces of equipment in the office, don’t think that you can just keep sending a production assistant to Kinos… that will end up costing you a lot more money in the end.