What Events Do You Love

The article written by Frances Blevins.

When my family and I get the chance we love to go to the Cincinnati Red’s Stadium. We have done this for years. There is something wonderful about the smell of hot dogs and the sound of a cheering crowd. My kids love the popcorn and ice cream. It is a great way to spend an evening. If we cannot go to the game we can be found at home watching professional baseball on satellite tv from Best Choice TV.

The Cincinnati Red’s have an amazing pitcher named Aroldis Chapman. This man has stunned crowds by throwing 103.9 mph. Adults find it amazing because we understand the physics involved in throwing a baseball that fast. Kids just know he is amazing and that is all they really care about. Cincinnati is leading the central division of the National League. They are having a decent season if they can just hold on to the end of the season. When they win it is a good day but no matter the outcome it is always a good day when you can take in a baseball game.