Hannah Montana

Guest Author Isiah Williams.

My favorite children’s television show is Hannah Montana. Even though this is a show aimed more towards tweens and teens, my five year old daughter also really enjoys watching it.

Miley Cyrus does a fantastic job of playing a typical teen with all the typical challenges that face children of that age. The comedy in the show makes it fun for my husband and I to watch as well. This is even better for us, since it means we get to enjoy watching television with our daughter.

In watching the show, I have realized what a funny guy Billy Ray Cyrus is. The other characters add to the appeal of the show for both adults and kids alike. The musical element is a huge bonus for us as a family, as we’ve always tried to instill a love of music in our daughter since before she was even born. She has a natural liking for any show that features singing and dancing, so the musical element of Hannah Montana is amusing to her.

My husband and I greatly enjoy watching our daughter sing along with the songs, and we were quite surprised with how quickly she remembers the words. We really enjoy our quality family time spent watching Hannah Montana.