Thanks for the guest post from Kirk Wood.

Ni Hao Kai LanNi Hao Kai Lan is about a little Chinese girl and her animal friends. They solve problems together, and teach children ethics, which is awesome! Kai Lan lives with her Grandpa. Her friends are Rintoo the tiger, LULU the rhinocerous, HOHO the monkey, and Ptoli the Koala Bear. There are also the hula ducks, that show us how to stay calm by swaying side to side. They interact a lot with the ants. The group has helped the ants build bridges (by teaching shapes and colors, and their Mandarin Chinese names), clean up garbage, save energy by using bikes, build a playground (which taught how to be considerate of everyone), and they have all celebrated numerous holidays together. I love how this show teaches children many Mandarin Chinese words and phrases. This show is educational, fun, and musical. Every show Kai Lan and her friends engage the children in singing about what the problem or issue is. They then have a song to teach the child how to deal with it. This show has shown my child how to share, stay calm, deal with anger, not hit, and think of everyone’s feeling, not just your own. This show even reminds adults that they should think of others, and always be kind to people.