Contribution by Terrance Kirby.

There are many movies that are far ahead of the curve, but none more so than Pinocchio. This classic tale of a boy made of wood is really about the oncoming development of cyborgs, and whether these robots are truly human or just replicas that will never know what it is like to feel. The protagonist of the story is just such a monstrosity, a boy not born of god and nature but of wood and nails, then given a functioning cyber-brain by a fairy who lives in a far off sun.

Pinocchio makes every one of us ask ourselves if a child made from steampunk machines is truly a real boy. The answer I came up with is a resounding no. If Disney wanted us to believe that Pinocchio was a real boy simply based on his character and emotion, they would have left him as a creature of wood. Truly what Disney is saying to us here is that in the future androids will be ostracized by the public, forced into hiding and shame until they can find a reputable dealer or magic fairy who will grant them what humans define as realness. As they fight for civil rights, many will point to Pinocchio as a portentous piece of filmmaking which is why it is my favorite animated movie to watch on Best Choice TV.