We talk a lot about “Hollywood” television series and movies with well known actors and big budgets, but thanks to the internet normal people get the chance to get their work out there and have millions of possibly viewers.

Today we’re talking a look at That Show with Michael Rakosi, a webisode series talk show that puts real men into a room with a camera to talk about anything that comes up (sans politics and sports, but hey we have more than enough shows that feature political and sports talk).

One of the first things you’ll notice with That Show is that it is very simplistic. No fancy graphics or special effects. The picture is clear and the sound is good, which makes it very watchable. It just depends on if you connect with the guys featured on the show and if you like the topics that they are going over.

In the first episode, “Youse Guys”, they talk about class and what it takes to be a man. In the other eight episodes they chat about such topics as their fears, what it is like killing people in war, spiritual beliefs and sexuality, and stressful jobs among other topics.  Most of the episodes have more than 20 thousand views and they vary in length from seven to fifteen minutes. That is pretty impressive for any webseries, let alone one with a bunch of guys chatting about real life in a room.

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