We usually don’t do polls on My Hollywood Dream, but we’re looking for some feedback in the types of articles people like to read both on our website and online. What do you prefer? Do you like Entertainment News and Reviews, Interviews, Business Articles, Technology, How To Articles, or Current Events?

We have a variety of regular columns and news pieces, including Daily Filmmaking Tips, TV Tonight, Wrestling Recaps, The Pit, Funny Videos, TV Flipped, Comic Previews, and some older ones we haven’t done in a while including Book to Film, What I’m Reading Now, Phasekitty and the Oscars, and Trailer Impressions.

So, what we want to know is which of our regular columns you dig the most and why you enjoy it. What is the site lacking? Should we have more contests? Do you prefer breaking news and shorter news tidbits, or would you prefer us taking a step back and looking at current entertainment news in a more in-depth and opinionated manner? Do you like the wrestling recaps that were recently added to the site? Should we do recaps for other kinds of television shows? Reality? Soaps? Should the site try to be more interactive with a message board and interactivity with how we choose our Funny and Awesome Videos? Would you like to see an increased look at Filmmaking with more articles and interviews with professionals?

Please take the time to post a comment and let us know how we can make My Hollywood Dream better! Thanks!