Wrestling Recap, The Undertaker

Welcome to Smackdown, don’t expect to see The Undertaker. At least not live. I’m sure there will be clips galore. In fact, the show starts with some. Kane gets to pose by a tombstone and claim Taker will never be back. Yeah, right. Of all the people who could interrupt I was not expecting Alberto Del Rio. He’s just out for a title shot and boy does Kane flip out on him. The crowd is against Del Rio so much they still boo him attacking Kane. A face finally shows up as Rey Mysterio chases off Del Rio then hits Paul Bearer with a 619. Last run in goes to Edge, who Spears Rey and trashes the funeral set. Kane looked a little weak here, but it will be interesting to see where they are headed with this. Kane and Rey wouldn’t be a fresh feud and I doubt they would do a four-way at Survivor Series. Del Rio goes to Teddy Long to plead for the title shot. Long counters with a #1 contenders match between Del Rio, Rey and Edge. My money is on Edge. That answers that.

Why is Michael Cole here every week now? Three man announce teams aren’t working for WWE. Dolph Ziggler faces Daniel Bryan yet again, so I’m thinking these titles will be unified sooner rather than later. Still, the matches are so good that who cares? This match is faster paced than the RAW match and Daniel does some nice flipping and flying. With the amount of time these two have been given lately WWE must have more faith in them than I thought. Dolph takes Bryan down with a Zig Zag, but the ref gets knocked down too. Vickie tries to count the pin but the ref won’t allow it. That lets Bryan take Ziggler down with a high side kick and win three matches over Ziggler. Once again, there is controversy to the finish. And hey, Matt Striker knows the difference between figuratively and literally. I like how he occasionally tries to smarten up the trialogue.

Paul and Kane are upset. Cody Rhodes thinks he’s hotter than Kelly Kelly so Big Show wants him in a match. Rhodes claims to be a tag team wrestler now so Show says he’ll get a partner. Being in front of a hot chick gets Cody in trouble as he has to accept, and Show busts out a decent Scottish accent to mock both Drew and Cody at the same time. Jack Swagger, with eagle, faces Kaval. Smart money is on Swagger. Nobody has mentioned Kaval having a title shot in a very long time. It’s not a bad match but it’s short and there’s nothing really memorable before Swagger catches Kaval in the Ankle Lock and the rookie quickly taps out.

The divas have a costume contest for Halloween. Not even a match? A costume Battle Royal? Heh. Just as I complain Teddy Long swerves us with an eight-Diva tag match. The various superhero costumes let the announce team geek out but, mostly, this is a comedy match. I get a snack. Edge and Rey aren’t going to be friends in this match. Drew and Cody think Nexus are pathetic and they want their titles back. Big Show, the man of many partners, calls on Kofi Kingston to join him this time out. For some reason the match doesn’t interest me. The end comes when Drew doesn’t enter the ring to save Cody from a Chokeslam and Big Show picks up the win. Drew and Cody promptly break up their team which is better for all concerned.

The entrances for the main event and the following commercial last until 9:47. The bell rings then, at 9:49, we go back to commercial. That’s just disrespectful of your audience. Once we get back to it the match is quite decent. All three guys get to show their strengths but the crowd ultimately gets behind Edge. There are three false finishes that I would have bought as an ending, but Edge spears Del Rio while Mysterio is on his shoulders and the Toronto native is on his way to Survivor Series as #1 contender. Kane knows it too, and puts on a pyro show to prove he’s not scared.

All in all it was a good wrestling week and Smackdown is the cherry on top. Great in-ring action and very little garbage other than the Divas. And I have to say, I could watch a lot more Daniel Bryan/Dolph Ziggler matches.