Now that Thanksgiving is officially over and my stomach is filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and pie (and will continued to be filled over the next week plus with leftovers) it is time to get back to work. In honor of Cyber Monday, we’re going to kick off our regular Geektastic Wishlist and a countdown to the Holidays.

First up today? One of the best ways to get a party started and get people off their feet, a karaoke machine.  It makes a great gift to music geeks and those friends that love throwing parties and the others that love to be the life of the party.

The thing about karaoke machines is that in addition to the machine, you should think about what your friends like in terms of music and get them the special karaoke music that matches the songs they love. For music to be perfect for karaoke, it needs to just be the background instruments along with the video with the words of the song. I recently when to a party that had a band doing live karaoke, but they didn’t have the song lyrics on a screen. Trying to read the lyrics off a sheet of paper was painful while trying to sing to the crowd.

In addition to buying music for karaoke, there are also a lot of songs online for free download. You can really beef up a library of music geared towards your friend to give them with the machine. Trust me, it makes a rockin’ gift.